Over the past 10 years advances in technology have fundamentally changed the way in which websites are designed. It is no longer acceptable for just ‘any’ website to be set up. It is clear that regular internet users, who often view 1000s of websites in any given year, are acutely aware of well designed websites, and those designed poorly and using out-dated technology.

We believe that labour members should have labour websites that they can be proud of – that reflect well upon their hard work and commitment, and that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Not only are our labour designs some of the most innovative in the industry, but feature the latest software and technologies in the market.

Custom Labour Branding

Do you require custom Labour Party branding for your website? Are you fed up of companies offering generic templates and unoriginal designs? All our websites are built to your own unique needs and requirements. We offer a level of personal service that cannot be matched!

It is not just enough to design a ‘labour website’ for those Labour members in office and standing for election – it is essential that the branding for the website reflects the overall brand of the Labour Party. We create designs that blend seamlessly with the Labour brand, while maintaining throughout your own unique style. We never take a broad brush approach when designing labour websites – catering the design, colour scheme and how those elements interact with the features on the website to your own requirements. All our websites include their own unique domain name (e.g. .com/.co.uk) and the ability to have an unlimited number of e-mail addresses. Already have your own domain name(s) ? No problem! We can use it for your new website and together with our unbeatable green hosting package.

Content Management

All Content Management Systems (CMS) are not created equally!

Many Labour members will already have experienced the frustration of using CMS’s systems that are difficult to understand and operate. Even the most simplest of tasks (e.g. uploading press releases/images, adding pages and changing menu items) can be made difficult with an out-dated CMS and one not specifically catered for the requirements for those within politics.

Our CMS system is tried, tested and easy to use! All Labour members in office can be secure in the knowledge that both themselves and their staff will be able to operate and master the system with zero web design experience.

Need help with using any of its functions? Have a question? No problem! Together with our training videos found within our members access area and helpful tips, you’ll be ready to use and master your website instantly!

Social Media

Our social media marketing tools go further than our rivals!

We believe that it is not simply enough for Labour members in office to have generic Facebook or Twitter ‘widgets’. We believe that they should have custom made widgets that both recognise the importance of social media and blend seamlessly with the branding of their website.

Tired on having to manually update your Twitter and Facebook profile with your latest news? Would you like to save time by scheduling automatic updates for your Twitter and Facebook accounts directly from your website itself? Ever wondered whether this process can be automated? All of these things and more are possible with all websites built by us!

Our custom social media tools are unrivalled and cannot be matched!


Displaying text is only one part of the design process for a website. Ensuring that there are high quality images and videos that capture the attention of visitors to the site is also integral.

It is not enough for images to just be ‘placed’ within a website. Whether through the use of a interactive gallery or Flickr widgets, we can create a design which caters for your needs and attracts attention immediately.

All labour websites built by us include the choice of a wide range of interactive sliders, to showcase your work in the constituency and nationally.

All our sites include unlimited web space and bandwidth so that members can be secure in the knowledge that they will always be able to upload an unlimited number of images and content to their website.

Members Access Area

In addition to having 24/7 access to our expert team, all our websites include exclusive access to our Members Access Area.

Forget lengthy and old-fashioned text based update guides!

We believe so much in providing only the best training for our websites that we have created dedicated tutorial videos covering every element of the update process and useful tips in harnessing the full power of our CMS.

Every month members will also have exclusive access to free files for download and usage.

This includes social media icons, HTML e-mail templates (with ‘ready-to-go’ Labour branding), template leaflets and a whole host of other useful files for members to show off to the world!


Every wondered how many hits your website is getting? Is a particular page or post on your website more popular than another?

A website is only as good as the information it allows administrators to access and analyse for the benefit of furthering improving both the design and content of their website.

You can now track visitors to your website; find out the total number of visitors, unique visitors and annual visitors, all at the click of a button.

Check your daily, monthly or annual visitor statistics anytime you like with ease.

Where in the UK (or World) are your visitors from? Find out their location with the click of a few buttons.

You can also found out at the click of a button what your visitors were searching for when they found your website.

Green Hosting

Every Labour Party member in office and their staff can be secure in the knowledge that they are investing in green hosting and a greener future for all.

ePoltixDesign is committed to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint by providing green hosting through a variety of different methods. As well as engaging with our partners to identify methods that we can implement to help protect the environment, we are also active in developing our own methods to provide customers with carbon neutral web hosting solutions. Our servers are hosted at the BlueSquare Data Centre, one of the UK’s greenest data centres.

We use the latest Dell PowerEdge servers which provide the ultimate in efficiency and reliability whilst reducing their need for power. Dell have made significant steps in creating more environmentally friendly servers that now consume much less power than previous models.

All of our servers are monitored 24 hours a day and built with security in mind.


We believe in offering Labour members an unrivalled service, one that supports them every step of the way. Whether you require technical support, need assistance or have any questions, we are always at hand to help.

Labour members in office will experience friendly on-going assistance from the same project team that delivered their site, with 24/7 direct access to the developers.

Support to us is beyond a ‘reference number’ and through a ‘ticketing’ system. We treat all our clients like members of our business and always with the highest professionalism and personal service in mind.

We can be contacted 24/7 through either our website or on Facebook.

If you would like us to work on your next Labour project, or have any questions for our expert team, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you!