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It’s clear that Social Media is playing an increasingly important role within politics – allowing politicians to reach out to their potential voters, and voters being able to communicate with their elected members.

Social Media is an essential tool for sharing your campaign information online, and ensuring that it reaches the widest possible audience.

The key to Marketing success is recognising that it can be done both online and offline. Both of these methods matter just as much as the other.

An attractive website, with the latest ground-breaking features, is simply just a ‘website’ without an active and large audience using it. An event being held in your local area has limited hope of being a ‘success’ without a marketing campaign being developed and executed to, for example, increase attendance at the event. Social Media Marketing allows of all these elements to work together and to achieve your end goals.

Social Media Marketing must work seamlessly with other forms of marketing techniques used. For example, delivering a ‘Newsletter’ to all constituents in your area, door-to-door, 3 times a year, cannot replace the effectiveness of distributing to the same constituents information on your work on a more frequent (weekly) basis via Facebook.

It is vital to ensure that whichever Digital Marketing techniques are used, each blend seamlessly with the other, and each build upon the weaknesses of the other.

Our team have expertise on the latest and top Social Media Marketing techniques for politicians to use – our team are always staying up-to-date and will always have our fingers on the pulse, and for the benefit of all Labour members using our services.


Facebook gives politicians the ability to reach out, daily, to potential voters and Labour party members, something that would not otherwise be possible through traditional forms of marketing such as door knocking, telephone canvassing or leafleting.

Once a constituent, or a party member, has ‘Liked’ you on Facebook you can organically (i.e. without using paid Facebook Advertising (Ads)) keep them updated of your work by posting status updates, and uploading images and videos.

Outside of organically keeping people updated about your work, Facebook Ads is a powerful tool in being able to micro-target potential supporters and constituents.

Facebook Ads allow you to create targeted adverts towards specific audiences and to meet defined goals. These goals may be to gather support for a political campaign, in sharing information with constituents, and towards the overall goal of getting elected/re-elected.

With millions of people using Facebook across the UK, and thousands using Facebook in your local area, Facebook Ads allows you to micro-target the audiences that you want to see your adverts by location, age, interests and more.

Mobile devices now play a key role in our lives – people access information on their phones and tablets on a daily basis – to discover, communicate and share information with friends and family. When voters visit Facebook on their phones and tablets, they see Facebook Adverts from businesses, groups and, increasingly, from politicians.

Before considering and setting up paid Facebook Adverts, there are a lot of boxes to be checked and steps to be followed. Are you targeting the right voters? Are your images dimensions correct for both Desktop and Mobile devices? Are you running the right type of adverts? It can all get very confusing.

Our team have expert knowledge of the best and most effective Facebook Marketing techniques for politicians to use – be safe in the knowledge that we will be on hand to guide you through all the steps in the process of using Facebook Ads, and to manage your campaign for you from start to finish.


Twitter Ads allow you to tailor your marketing goals to drive traffic towards, for example, your Labour website, to increase your profile in the local area, and to make voters and groups aware of your campaign work.

The powerful and robust targeting capabilities offered by Twitter allow you to get your message in front of the people and groups that matter the most to you in order to achieve your overall marketing goals.

Twitter allows politicians to target users and groups according to language; gender; interests; followers; devices; behaviour; keywords and location.

Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends, allow users on Twitter to follow, like, or Retweet the paid content you promote.

Whether you want to reach local constituents or local groups, we can help you target audiences in the most efficient way possible and towards reaching your political goals.


‘ePolitixDesign was commissioned by Cardiff Labour Group to support our Local Election 2017 campaign by acting as digital media strategists. Their intelligent approach, which was extremely thoughtful and attentive to nuance and detail, was in my view one of the reasons that Cardiff Labour was able to return a majority administration. I’m convinced that they provided the strategic support which delivered 3 to 5 extra seats, and hence the majority for Cardiff Labour.’

Cllr Susan Elsmore, Cabinet Member for Social Care & Health

“My Ward has always been a marginal ward, historically held by the Tories. Given the national swing to the Tories this time around we feared a whitewash.

“My hard work over the last 5 years seemed doomed to be forgotten…

“…..Step up ePolitixDesign and the Facebook campaign.

“We had never used social media before. I didn’t understand the full impact until I knocked on the door of a guy who said he had always voted Tory but he had been seeing what we were doing in the area on his Facebook feed and was voting for us this time around.

“We still have one Labour, one Tory and one Independent but I topped the poll, increasing my vote by around 500 and we were only 70 votes away from getting all 3 seats. 

“Another month of Facebook and who knows what might have happened.”

Cllr Graham Hinchey, Cardiff North

“Graham has talked about the impact on the ground of the digital campaign. It was phenomenal.

“ePolitixDesign set everything up from scratch, and held our hands through the whole process. They gave us training, guidance notes and were only ever a phone call away. They wrote posts for us and took the stuff I gave them and polished it into something professional looking. They gave us tips on what to post, when and what would work best. They never failed to answer queries and were always available. Equally important for an Agent, the costs were extremely reasonable and we intend to continue with Facebook moving forward – with the help of ePolitxDesign!”

Anne Hinchey, Election Agent, Labour Heath Ward, Cardiff North


The skilful use of various Digital Marketing techniques can be the difference between success and failure towards your overall marketing goals (e.g. getting elected). When the difference between success and failure can be as little as 10 votes in an election, the Digital Marketing technique(s) chosen can be vitally important.

Our team have expertise over many years in constructing and implementing effective, and successful, marketing campaigns on behalf of politicians across the UK.

Would you like us develop and deliver your Digital Marketing goals? Our team would love to hear from you. Please contact us on [email protected] and a member of our team will be on hand to help.


[Revised and Updated for July 2017]
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