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Content Marketing services for Labour Party MPs, AMs, MSPs, Cllrs and groups

Information will be ‘valuable’ if it compels and encourages your voters and supporters to read, like and share it.

The key word, and at the core of ‘Content Marketing’, is for the content to be ‘valuable’. There are many key indicators in determining whether any content produced for use on, for example, social media platforms or your website is ‘valuable’. In simple terms, information will be ‘valuable’ if it compels your voters to read, like and share it.

The goal for Labour members in office must be to create content (e.g. press releases, articles, posts, tweets, etc) that is immediately interesting, using carefully crafted headlines, content and with the use of graphics that personally engage those voters.

If you want examples of ‘valuable’ content, think about content that you have liked, shared and spoken about on Facebook or Twitter. Now, think of the same content from the perspective of what your voters would be interested in reading and sharing.

It is vital to produce content that will compel voters to like or share your information.

Once the ‘value’ is removed from content, it falls into the category of merely being information that has a higher chance of being ignored by voters as not being interesting enough to share with their friends and family.

Your voters and supporters receive information from multiple sources every day. Your content has to stand out from the rest and to not be seen as boring, not very relevant or, even worse, spam.


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‘Content Marketing’ has to be a part of the overall marketing process and not something separate. Creating quality and shareable content must apply to all forms of Marketing.

  • Social Media Marketing: a Content Marketing strategy must come before your Social Media strategy;
  • SEO: Search engines reward websites that publish quality, consistent content;
  • PR: A successful PR strategy must address the issues your voters and supporters care about;
  • Inbound Marketing: The Content created is key to driving inbound traffic and leads.

Without a carefully crafted, results orientated and effective Content Marketing strategy, politicians run the real risk of wasting time and money running a political campaign that will not achieve the results they desire (e.g. to get elected/re-elected into office).

When you utilise proven Content Marketing strategies you’ll find your potential voters and supporters will:

  • Subscribe to your content;
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ it with others;
  • Talk about it to their friends or family;
  • Look forward to receiving further information from you in the future;

You need the right formula to stand out from opposition members, stay ahead of your competition and to keep growing your base of supporters.

Voters don’t want to see ‘advertisements’ from politicians; they want valuable information — content. The key is for the content to be both valuable and to also serve towards you achieving your ‘End Goals’.


It is vital that any Content Marketing strategy takes consideration of using the best possible techniques for it to succeed with search engines. Using SEO best practices in your content will help make a good impression with Google and move your website up the rankings list.

For example, identifying your main ‘keywords’ for the content, using the keywords (naturally), and a few synonyms in your content, headers, and page content can be highly effective in improving your Google rankings in the long-term.

The key is to always use keywords in the most natural way possible within your content – for many years search engines have been cracking down on content that is ‘stuffed’ with too many keywords. The aim must be to write for your target audience (e.g. voters and supporters)

and to make sure those essential words are (naturally) contained within the content.

Other factors that should be considered as part of the SEO process is for links to be included in your content – links to and from high-quality websites. All images and videos contained on your site should make proper use of descriptive titles and ‘alt text’.

The strength of an excellent Content Marketing strategy is in providing the information and answers that your voters are looking for. Your hard work is all for nothing if those same people cannot find it.

‘Content’ must be created for the end user and which search engines will also reward.

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