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Social Media Marketing

Facebook Marketing services for Labour Party MPs, AMs, MSPs, Cllrs and groups

Social Media is an essential tool for sharing your campaign information online and ensuring that it reaches the broadest possible audience.

The key to Marketing success is recognising that it can be done both online and offline. Both of these methods matter just as much as the other.

An attractive website, with the latest ground-breaking features, is just a ‘website’ without an active and large audience using it. An event organised in your local area has limited hope of being a ‘success’ without a marketing campaign being developed and executed too, for example, increase attendance at the event. Social Media Marketing

allows all these elements to work together and to achieve your end goals.

Social Media Marketing must work seamlessly with other forms of marketing techniques used. For example, delivering a ‘Newsletter’ to all constituents in your area, door-to-door, three times a year, cannot replace the effectiveness of distributing the same information on your work on a more frequent (weekly) basis via Facebook.

It is vital to ensure that whichever Digital Marketing techniques are used, each blends seamlessly with the other.

Our team have expertise in the latest and top Social Media Marketing techniques for politicians to use – always staying up-to-date and for the benefit of all Labour members using our services.


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Bespoke Website, Social, Email & Content marketing services.


Facebook Marketing services for Labour Party MPs, AMs, MSPs, Cllrs and groups
Facebook Ads is a powerful tool that allows the micro-targeting of potential supporters and constituents. Facebook Ads allow you to create targeted adverts towards specific audiences and to meet defined goals. These goals may be to gather support for a political campaign, to increase sign-ups for your newsletter and towards the overall goal of getting elected/re-elected.

Before considering and setting up paid Facebook Adverts, there are a lot of boxes to be checked and steps to be followed. Are you targeting the right voters? Are the dimensions of your image correct for both Desktop and Mobile devices? Are you running the right type of adverts? It can all get very confusing.

Our team have expert knowledge of the most effective Facebook Marketing techniques for politicians to use – be safe in the knowledge that we will be on hand to guide you through all the steps in the process of using Facebook Ads, and to manage your campaign for you from start to finish.


Twitter Marketing services for Labour Party MPs, AMs, MSPs, Cllrs and groups
Twitter Ads allow you to tailor your marketing goals to drive traffic towards, for example, your Labour website, to increase your profile in the local area and to make voters aware of your campaign work.

The powerful and robust targeting capabilities offered by Twitter allow you to get your message in front of the people and groups that matter the most to you to achieve your overall marketing goals.

Twitter allows politicians to target users and groups according to language; gender; interests; followers; devices; behaviour; keywords and location.

Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends allow users on Twitter to Follow, Like, or Retweet the paid content you develop.

Whether you want to reach local constituents or groups, we can help you target audiences in the most efficient way possible and towards achieving your end goals.

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